Low testosterone, or low T, afflicts more than 10 million adult men in the United States. Yet, due to a perceived stigma surrounding this condition, many men never go to the doctor to get treated, and instead simply struggle with the symptoms. However, by learning more about the warning signs involved, and how they’re related to a legitimate condition and not merely a personal fault, men will hopefully be motivated to seek the assistance they need to improve their health and wellness.


Utilize the following tips and warning signs of low testosterone to learn more, and from there, consider scheduling an appointment with a local primary medical care office to be examined.

  1. Low Sex Drive: Perhaps it’s easy to write off as “just getting older”; a significant or dramatic decrease in sex drive can actually be due to solvable low testosterone. This is typically the number one warning sign and for many men, the easiest to spot. A low sex drive could even become no sex drive.
  2. ED: Difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection is often directly related to low T. This may also make it more difficult to achieve orgasm.
  3. Body Composition: Low T can change a person’s body composition, causing muscle mass to decrease, while also leading to more body fat to be stored. Testosterone plays a key role in the building and maintenance of muscle mass, and a shortage of the hormone could derail even a dedicated fitness enthusiast.
  4. Depression: Mood changes are a common warning sign of low T. Beyond depression, fatigue, or a general malaise; additional changes could include irritability and difficulty focusing. Ask a partner for honest feedback on recent moods to see if there’s any correlation.
  5. “Shrinkage”: A decrease in the size of either the penis or testicles could be a warning sign of low testosterone.
  6. Bone Fractures/Injuries: Low testosterone can decrease and weaken bone mass. This could lead to an increase in injuries and bone fractures from incidents which would or should have been a routine bump or bruise.
  7. Body Hair Loss: Balding may not be attributable to low T, as it’s a general symptom of aging in many men. However, the loss of body or facial hair may signify low testosterone.

Keep a close eye on yourself and feel safe and secure in seeking advice. As with all health related concerns, it is always easier to treat a condition when it is noticed earlier.

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